Useful tips

Car insurance simplified

We’d like to help you find car cover that suits your needs, at the right price. At the same time we try to make insurance simpler and more straightforward. So we hope you find the following information helpful.

Tips for getting great value car insurance

  1. Before you get a quote: make sure you’ve got all relevant information to hand so you can complete all questions fully and accurately.
  2. Excess: the amount we expect you to pay towards any claim. With the car insurance quote you get from us online, you can choose to increase the excess and pay a lower premium if you so wish. Bear in mind though, opting to pay a higher excess only makes sense if you can easily afford to pay that excess in the event of making a claim. You wouldn’t want to claim for damage that costs less than your excess.
  3. Mileage: It’s important to give an accurate estimate of your mileage as the amount of miles you do affects your premium. The more accurate you can be, the fairer quote you’ll receive.
  4. Class of use: Think about how you intend to use your car. Do you need it for popping down to the shops and everyday uses? Or do you need an insurance quote that covers you for driving to and from home and work? Or would you like to be covered for using it for work as well?
  5. No Claims Discounts: We reward careful drivers with No Claims Discounts. Each year that you avoid having to make a claim, we’ll increase your discount, up to the ninth year.