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How Do Bus Lane Cameras Work?

It’s all too easy to drive in a bus lane by mistake. If you find yourself accidentally driving in a bus lane, the best thing to do is to leave it as soon as it’s safe to do so. Unfortunately, even if nobody saw you driving in the bus lane, you might still have to […]

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My Handbrake is Stuck: What to Do Now

If your handbrake’s stuck, you’re not going anywhere. This is one problem that you simply cannot ignore! You’ll have to act immediately. The good news is that, the majority of the time, handbrakes get stuck in the ON position. It’s rare for handbrakes to get stuck in the OFF position. When this happens, it usually […]

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Driving Without Insurance: Fines and Penalties

Driving without insurance is illegal. There are severe fines and penalties for anyone caught driving uninsured. Fines & penalties for driving without insurance If you’re caught driving without insurance, you could get: Six points on your licence A fine of at least £300 Your vehicle seized, or even destroyed You could get sent to court […]

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What are the differences between car and van insurance?

  Car and van insurance have many things in common. The most important similarity is that it’s illegal to drive without either. But at the same time, there are many differences between car and van insurance. Many of these differences are due to the fact that van drivers have different needs to car drivers. If […]

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The Best Vans for Fuel Consumption

If you need to buy a van for work, it makes sense to pick as economical a model as you can. You will clock up a lot of miles in your van. So the better your van is for fuel consumption, the less your fuel costs will cut into your profits. But you will also […]

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