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Win a £200 Wickes Voucher

  How would you like to win a £200 Wickes voucher?   Whether you spend it on home improvements or for your work, it’s completely up to you. Simply complete your details below to be entered and you could be our winner. Competition closes on 31 July 2022 at 23:59 and we will email the […]

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When Is Fuel Consumption At Its Highest – Fuel Saving Tips

  In early 2022 we saw historically high fuel prices in the UK. Though prices have fallen a little since, they remain at record highs. So it’s never been more important to prioritise fuel efficiency. In this post we’ll explore a number of fuel saving tips that’ll help you make the most of every drop […]

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How Much Is a Parking Ticket?

There are two main types of parking tickets. A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is an “official” parking ticket. This is the sort of ticket that police and traffic wardens give out when you park somewhere you shouldn’t. A private parking ticket – also known as a parking charge notice […]

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Van Driving Tips For New Van Drivers

  Driving a van isn’t exactly like driving a car. So even if you’ve been driving a car for years, driving a van can bring a whole new set of challenges. In this post we’ll share some essential van driving tips while linking to various other resources that’ll help you feel confident behind the wheel […]

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Highway Code Changes Take Effect in 2022

  The government made changes to the digital version of the Highway Code in late January 2022. They expect to add these changes to the printed version in April 2022. In short, the Highway Code now identifies a “hierarchy” of road users, based on their relative vulnerability. In this hierarchy, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians […]

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