Are Car Washes Open During Lockdown?

Throughout the various Covid-19 lockdowns, the government only allowed “essential businesses” to stay open. The list of “essential businesses” includes supermarkets, pharmacies, and newsagents. But what about car washes? Are car washes open during lockdown?

Am I Allowed to Get My Car Washed During Lockdown?

Some car washes can stay open during lockdown.

According to the government’s national lockdown guidelines, automatic car washes can stay open. However, manual car washes are not currently permitted to operate.

Petrol stations are allowed to stay open too. The specific situation might vary from place-to-place. But generally speaking, if your closest petrol station has a car wash, then there’s no reason why that car wash shouldn’t be operating throughout lockdown.

Will Car Washes Stay Open After Lockdown?

The government still has not made it clear how and when they plan on lifting lockdown restrictions throughout 2021 and beyond. We may return to the sort of Tier system we saw in late 2020 but at this stage we do not know what the government will decide.

However, you can rest assured that, no matter what happens, your automatic local car wash should continue to operate.

Vehicle Repair Shops & MOT Services During Lockdown

The government’s current lockdown restrictions specify that vehicle repair shops and MOT service centres are also allowed to open throughout this current third lockdown. This means that you can ensure that your car servicing and MOTs are kept up to date and that your car will continue to be safe on the road.

Car Showrooms & Dealerships Closed During Lockdown

Car showrooms and dealerships, though, are not allowed to open under the current lockdown restrictions. However, most of them are still operating online. So if you need to buy a new car during lockdown, you can still buy one on a click and collect basis, or else have it delivered.

You can read a full list of the businesses and services that are allowed to stay open under current lockdown restrictions on the government’s website.

One Aspect of Motoring that will Never be Affected by Lockdown

No matter what happens in 2021 and beyond – no matter what course the government chooses to take next – you’ll always need vehicle insurance cover before you can legally drive in the UK.

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