Gift Ideas for Learner Drivers

What’s the best gift for a learner driver? Something that’ll help them pass their test, sure. But you can also consider getting them something genuinely useful for the car – or even something that’ll give them that extra incentive to pass their test first time.

In this post we’ll explore some of the best gifts for learner drivers, with ideas to match every budget.

Driving Lessons

Driving lessons can be pricey, and you may need a lot of them before you’re ready to take your test. Many instructors and driving schools offer packages, letting you book a block of lessons for a set price. You probably can’t afford to pay for all of your learner’s lessons. But buying a batch of them is the next best thing!

Alternatively, you could get a driving lesson fund money box to help the learner in your life save for their own lessons.

Driving Lesson Apps

No learner driver should be without a Driving Theory Test app. There’s one available on both Android and Apple. It features hundreds of Theory Test questions, with opportunities to take as many practice tests as you like. It also lets you practice the hazard perception part of the test with nearly 100 video clips. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also thrown in the Highway Code and a helpful glossary of Road Signs. At just £4.99 it’s a steal, and this or a similar app could be the perfect gift idea for learner drivers.

For an offline alternative, you can buy the official Highway Code book bundled with a number of road sign flashcards on Amazon and in other outlets. A perfect study aid for learners, and an essential refresher even for more experienced drivers.

Learner Plates

Learner plates are a great gift for learners who are just starting lessons. Magnetic learner plates are versatile and affordable, and to ensure you’re fully compliant, you can buy sets endorsed by the DVSA.

Magnetic plates are useful, in that you can attach them to any car without leaving a mark. Just make sure you get “fully” magnetic learner plates. They cost a bit more, but cheaper options rely on thin magnetic strips at the top and bottom of the plate. They work well enough, but they can fall off at high speeds or in high winds.

You might also consider self-adhesive plates, which you can securely attach to cars with cable ties. They’re less convenient, and they may leave a mark, but they’re more or less guaranteed to stay on the car whatever the weather.

You could also gift your learner with a P plate. They may wish to display P plates once they pass their test. So gifting them with a P plate could be your way of saying you believe in them!

Learner Driver Gift Pack

A learning to drive gift box contains a range of useful items for the car, including L plates, cleaning materials, air fresheners, and even chewing gum. Here’s a particularly popular option.

Car Insurance

It’s illegal to drive without car insurance. Driving instructors usually take care of insurance during lessons. But if your learner wants to get any practice outside of lessons, they’ll need their own learner insurance policy or be insured as a learner on someone else’s policy.

Just like they may not be able afford to pay for all of their learner lessons in one go, they may not be able to afford to pay outright for their insurance, either. So, if you’re looking for a gift idea for a learner driver, why not offer to pay for their first three months of insurance? It would enable them to build up experience behind the wheel, setting them firmly on the path to becoming a safe and qualified driver.

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