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Tyre Wear on Outside Edge: Is It Legal & What Causes It?

Tyre safety is a matter of life and death. Tyre wear on outside edge – is it legal? The legal minimum tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, which must be in a continuous band around the middle three quarters of each tyre, leaving some allowance for the very edges. But this is just […]

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Is Using a Phone as a Sat-Nav Legal?

Are there any laws about what you can use as a sat-nav? Technically, yes. But not in the way you might think… Can You Use a Phone as a sat-nav? There are clear UK laws when it comes to using both sat-navs and mobile phones to navigate while driving. In short, you must not hold […]

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How Does Temporary Insurance Work and What Are the Pitfalls?

Many companies offer temporary insurance cover, also sometimes referred to as pay as you go insurance. This lets you insure a person to drive your car for a few hours at a time without invalidating your main policy. How Does Temporary Insurance Work? Some companies offer flexible hourly car insurance or daily car insurance cover. […]

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Do I Need to Add Business Use to My Insurance?

To correctly calculate the sort of insurance cover you need, insurers need to know exactly what you intend to use your vehicle for. And if you’re going to be using your car or van for business reasons, then yes – you do need to add business use to your insurance. What is Business Use? Many […]

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NO DEAL Brexit implications if driving abroad

  For the latest information on Driving Abroad please click here.   _______________________________________________________________ 26/09/19 UPDATE: Six-month 31st October 2019 extension to Brexit is nearly upon us. This means that based on the current extension there is no need for a Green Card at the moment, however, if you are planning a journey that goes beyond […]

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