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Your Essential Guide to Winter Driving Safety

  This winter could be Britain’s coldest and snowiest winter in almost 70 years. Forecasts indicate that we could be facing a combination of freezing North Pole air, low pressure air from Greenland, a pattern of atmospheric blocking, cold easterly winds and a significant Arctic freeze. The result? Low temperatures, significant snowfall and freezing winds. […]

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Win a £200 Amazon Voucher

  We are giving someone the chance to win a £200 Amazon Gift Voucher. How you choose to spend your £200 is completely up to you. You could spend it on something for your van, something for the family or something for yourself. To be in with a chance of winning the £200 Amazon Gift […]

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Catalytic Converter Theft: How to Protect Yourself

You might have seen videos posted on social media showing thieves climbing under cars and sawing off key components. The gangs are targeting catalytic converters. These are part of the car’s exhaust system, and they’re used to convert polluters into less harmful substances. What’s really shocking about these videos is that they take place in […]

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Tyre Wear on Outside Edge: Is It Legal & What Causes It?

Tyre safety is a matter of life and death. Tyre wear on outside edge – is it legal? The legal minimum tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, which must be in a continuous band around the middle three quarters of each tyre, leaving some allowance for the very edges. But this is just […]

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Is Using a Phone as a Sat-Nav Legal?

Are there any laws about what you can use as a sat-nav? Technically, yes. But not in the way you might think… Can You Use a Phone as a sat-nav? There are clear UK laws when it comes to using both sat-navs and mobile phones to navigate while driving. In short, you must not hold […]

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