Our Guide to Van Sign Writing

If you use your van for business purposes, such as working as a courier or a delivery driver, then it’s a great idea to add sign writing to your van.

In this post we’ll explore the benefits of van sign writing, share some van sign writing ideas, and discuss ways to remove sign writing from a second-hand van.

We’ll also cover how van sign writing might affect your van insurance.

The Benefits of Van Sign Writing

Essentially, van sign writing transforms every journey you take into a marketing opportunity.

As you drive around, pedestrians and other motorists will be able to see who you are and what you do. That car that’s stuck behind you in a traffic jam could be a future customer. And if your business details are listed on the back of your van, they’ll know how to get in touch with you when the time’s right.

Also, whenever and wherever you park, your van will transform into a sort of billboard for your business. So if you’re a plumber, for example, whenever you park outside a customer’s house, everyone else on the street will see your business details. They might think of you should they ever need a plumber in the future.

Van Sign Writing Ideas

Whatever you do with your van sign writing, be sure to include the essentials:

  • Your business name – So customers know who you are.
  • Your area of business – List as many of your services as you can. If you’re a contractor, for example, you might specify that you do roofs, conservatories, extensions etc.
  • Your contact details – Give people as many ways as possible to get in touch: Your phone number, your email, your web address and, if you have them, your social media profiles.
  • A slogan – It’s not essential, but a short, snappy slogan can suggest to potential customers why they should choose you over your competitors.

These are the basics. But you might also consider:

  • Van Graphics – A colourful design, a friendly mascot, or even something more elaborate. Essentially, van graphics will make your van stand out. You won’t be just another white van with some business details listed on the side. You’ll be the white van with, say, a dinosaur on the side! This could be all it takes to make people notice you, and remember you.
  • Van Stickers – These can be a more affordable option if you can’t afford a specialist van sign writing service, or if you need a more temporary solution. But you can also use van stickers to add design “highlights” to the side of your van, to make yourself stand out that little bit more.

How To Remove Sign Writing Off a Van

Bought a second-hand van and want to remove some sign writing? Or have you changed your business details and your old sign writing is no longer relevant?

In any case, you’ll need to find a way to remove the sign writing off a van.

Most van sign writing is vinyl-based which you can remove yourself but if the sign writing has been in place for a while, then you could be left with some “ghosting” – the faint outline of the writing may remain even after you’ve removed the vinyl.

If this is the case, then you can either pay for a specialist cleaning service, or you can simply add your own fresh van sign writing to the van. The new writing will very likely cover up any ghosts of the old.

Does Van Sign Writing Affect Van Insurance?

It may with some insurers but if you get van insurance cover from Insure 2 Drive, adding sign writing to your van will not affect the cost of your premium. We’ll continue to give you the cover you need at a great price.

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