Courier and Delivery Driver Van Insurance

If you want to work as a courier or delivery driver, you’ll need courier and delivery driver van insurance.

We put together this short guide to courier and delivery driver van insurance to help you decide which cover is right for you.

Van Insurance for Self-Employed Couriers and Delivery Drivers

If you want to be a delivery driver or a courier, you have two options:

  1. Get a job with a haulage firm or a delivery company.
  2. Become a self-employed courier.

There are pros and cons to each approach. If you work for a haulage firm or a delivery company, you’ll always have work. Plus, you won’t have to sort out your own van, and your employer will most likely sort out your insurance too – but always check.

The self-employed route is a lot more challenging, but it can also be considerably more rewarding. You’ll need to get your own van, you’ll have to find your own jobs, and you’ll also have to sort out your own branding, marketing, accounts, and more.

But you’ll get all the freedom that comes from being your own boss. You’ll get to decide what you transport, and when. And most important of all, you’ll be making money for yourself, rather than your employer.

In any case, standard van insurance won’t give you all the cover you need if you’re using your van to transport goods for profits. You’ll need insurance tailored for business use to cover the increased risks that come with delivering goods by road.

Why Do You Need To Tell Your Insurer About Your Work as a Courier or a Delivery Driver?

It’s for three main reasons:

  • Couriers and delivery drivers tend to cover much more distance than most other van drivers. The more time you spend on the road, the more likely it is that you’ll be involved in an accident. Insurance for couriers and delivery drivers is mainly to cover the increased risk that comes from the greater mileage.
  • Courier and delivery driver insurance also takes into account the fact that most delivery drivers are paid per drop. This might encourage you to rush from one job to the next, which could further increase your chances of having an accident.
  • Thieves tend to target couriers and delivery vans, and theft is more likely if you’re making multiple stops along a delivery route. In the event of a theft, courier and delivery driver insurance can cover any repairs you may need on your van after a break-in.

What Sort of Van Insurance Do I Need to Be a Deliver Driver?

You need courier insurance, which is sometimes known as “hire and reward insurance.”

You can specify courier driver as your “class of use”. You’ll then have additional cover for the increased risks that can come from working as a courier or delivery driver.

Get Comprehensive Courier and Delivery Driver Van Insurance

At Insure 2 Drive, we specialise in comprehensive van insurance for couriers and delivery drivers.

Whether you’re self-employed or an employee of a haulage firm, and whether you drive your own van or your employer’s van, just tell us what sort of cover you need and we’ll give you a quote for courier and deliver driver van insurance.

You get windscreen cover and personal accident as standard, and we’ll also cover you for travel within the EU. You can also get optional tools cover to insure any goods you might leave in your van overnight.

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