Can I Drive a Van on a Car Insurance Policy?

Can you drive a van on a car insurance policy? Or will you need a separate policy for driving a van? In this post we’ll explain what vans you can and cannot insure on a car insurance policy. We’ll also explore some of the key differences between car and van insurance, and look at some situations where you will need a dedicated van insurance policy. It is important that you always check your insurance policy or speak with your insurance company to confirm that you have the right cover in place for your van.

Can I Insure a Van on a Car Insurance Policy?

Our car insurance policies will cover you for driving certain types of vans but it will all depend on the van’s size and weight, and on what you use the van for. Standard car insurance policies will often cover you to drive small vans. The definition of a “small van” might vary from insurer to insurer so always check with the insurer directly before buying your insurance. With Insure 2 Drive’s standard car insurance policy you can insure a van which does NOT exceed 3000kg if it has been designed solely for the purposes of carrying people and their effects or if constructed or adapted for the use of the conveyancing of goods. However, this cover may be different with another insurer so check the policy details carefully. How you use your van is key when choosing the right insurance. Essentially, if you will be using your van for business purposes like as a courier, then you will need a separate van insurance policy. For more information about what our car insurance policies cover, take a look at the policy wording.

So When Will I Need a Van Insurance Policy?

Our standard car insurance policies exclude vans or commercial vehicles exceeding 3000kg, invalid carriages, motor cycles, tractors and trailers.  For insuring vans that meet that criteria you can get a van insurance quote with Insure 2 Drive. If you are unsure, speak to your insurance company before you buy your policy.

What’s The Difference Between Car and Van Insurance?

So why do you need a dedicated insurance policy for driving a van? It’s largely because van drivers have different insurance needs to car drivers. Depending on their livelihood, van drivers might travel long distances, or conversely, they might make a large number of short journeys in a day – if they’re dropping off a number of packages in an area, for example. So van drivers make different sorts of journeys compared to car drivers – the sort of journeys that might put them at greater risk of an accident. Van drivers might also transport valuable or fragile goods. They may transport or store tools or other expensive pieces of equipment in their vehicle. All of this will also have to be factored into the insurance policy. Head here to read our full guide to the differences between car insurance and van insurance.

Get a Van Insurance Policy That Works For You

At Insure 2 Drive, we specialise in providing careful van drivers with comprehensive cover. We’ll tailor your cover to suit your needs, and we can also provide tool cover as an optional extra. Get in touch to get a free quote on your van policy.


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