What are the differences between car and van insurance?

Car and van insurance have many things in common. The most important similarity is that it’s illegal to drive without either.

But at the same time, there are many differences between car and van insurance. Many of these differences are due to the fact that van drivers have different needs to car drivers. If you drive a van, your vehicle may be your livelihood. This means you’ll have different insurance needs to a driver who just uses their vehicle for personal reasons.

Let’s explore some of the key differences between car and van insurance.

Car & Van Insurance Usage Policies and Premiums

Van drivers might work as labourers, deliverers, sole traders, florists, or contractors. You will need to decide and choose which class of use suits your needs and who will be driving your vehicle.

Why does it cost more to insure a vehicle for business use? The cost of your insurance is based on a number of different factors including mileage and how you will be using the vehicle. So depending on the policy you choose and what it provides will impact on the insurance premium you pay.

When determining your premium, insurers will also take into consideration the type of driving you do. If you drive for commercial purposes, you’ll routinely travel longer distances, and you’re more likely to drive while tired or distracted. Also, depending on what you do, you might be more likely to drive in unfamiliar areas, or in rural areas. Again, these are all factors that can make accidents more likely.

Tool Cover for Vans

Because criminals often target vans for break-in, you can choose specialist van insurance to cover the costs of stolen tools.

Most car insurance policies will cover you for theft but this usually covers you for the theft of the vehicle itself. Vans are often full of expensive tools, equipment, and packages. Van insurance policies, including ours, often include optional tool cover. If the tools of your trade are stolen or damaged, your insurance can cover you for replacements.

Other Specialist Types of Cover

If you’re an independent contractor, you might want to cover your own equipment in the event of an accident. For this you can choose to add Tool Cover to your policy.

Finally, some vans transport the most fragile and valuable cargo of all –people. If you drive a minibus, you can’t get by with ordinary car insurance. If your vehicle can transport between ten  and 16 passengers, you’ll need specialist minibus insurance to cover you and your passengers for any accidents.

Do I Need Car Insurance or Van Insurance?

What type of insurance is right for you? It depends on the specific vehicle you drive, but also on the way you intend to use your vehicle. If you’ll be using your van for business purposes, then you’ll need some form of commercial van insurance. But even then, the cover you choose will depend on your line of work.

If you are using your van just for private use, or for your hobbies, we can also offer social domestic and pleasure use for your van and even commuting use if required. It’s important to always make sure you have the right type of use to ensure your’re covered if there’s a claim.

Choosing the right insurance for you can be tricky. But we’re here to make things simple. We specialise in giving drivers like you the insurance you need at a price you can afford. So whether you need car insurance or van insurance, get in touch for a free quote in minutes.


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